Variety: Herbal Infusion

Caffeine Free

The Herbal Infusion Variety is the perfect introduction to a variety of our signature herbal blends. Soothe and refresh with three of our caffeine free artisan crafted herbal infusions.

Includes the following: Chamomile Citrus, Organic African Nectar and Organic Mint Melange. The box contains 15 individually cello wrapped Tea Pouches.

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15 pouches cello wrap $11.95


Chamomile Citrus

Chamomile is traditionally drunk by many to soothe the body and mind before bed time However, we recommend serving our Chamomile Citrus as a refreshing herbal infusion to calm and focus the senses before the work day begins.

In the alternative, try it on ice during the summer to refresh and revive. Also, makes an excellent after-dinner digestive. Pair the infusion with light foods and complementary flavours like cookies or fruit flavoured item such as lemon or orange.

Organic African Nectar

Try drinking Organic African Nectar as an everyday tonic to boost the immune system and increase energy. The rich and delicious, rooibos based blend makes an excellent aperitif or after-dinner drink.

In the alternative, drink in the morning for a lively non-caffeinated alternative to coffee. Pair with sweet desserts or chocolate for a sumptuous treat.

Organic Mint Melange

Serve Organic Mint Melange as a refreshing and stimulating morning beverage. After a large meal, try sipping to ease the effects of a full stomach. Pairs well with fruity desserts.

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