Hai Bei Tu Zhu Tea

Less Caffeine

Handcrafted in the Anwei province of China, multiple flower blossoms open with an infusion of hot water releasing a blossom from within the center of the Hai Bei Tu Zhu tea flower.

Since the tea flowers are crafted by hand, each flower varies, some holding a plum blossom, others a tea plant blossom, and others a chrysanthemum blossom.

These tea flowers are full-bodied and create a spectacle of colour in the tea glass or cup.

10 flowers $29.65


Green Tea Green Tea, Jasmine Jasmine, Red Clover Flower.




Serve Hai Bei Tu Zhu to guests at tea time or with dinner in place of wine. Steep in a clear glass tea pot for maxium effect and an elegant presentation. Pairs well with buttery desserts and pastries.

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