Teapot: Bodum: Eileen Tea Press/Coffee Maker 34 oz

Our Eileen product line was developed in honor of the great Irish designer Eileen Gray (1879 – 1976). First there was the French coffee press – an instant classic – now comes the tea press. Gray loved the bistros and cafés of Paris, her adopted city. So our Eileen line is specifically designed to withstand the exacting conditions of busy café and restaurant use. A solid steel frame protects the glass from knocks and bumps, and the round handle makes it easy to carry more than one at the time. Who says you can’t have your own private Parisian tea room at home? 

Teapot: Bodum: Eileen Tea Press/Coffee Maker $35.00


The 1.5 l Eileen tea press comes with a spacious filter that lets the tea leaves swirl freely and develop their full aroma. Once the desired strength is reached, you press down the plunger and the tea leaves get locked into the bottom of the filter, stopping the brewing process. It’s the same tea brewing system we developed together with the English Tea Council years ago, combined beautifully with an Eileen Gray inspired modernistic style. Eileen is made from borosilicate glass, stainless steel, chrome-plated steel and plastic and is dishwasher safe.