• Organic Black Tea Teaser 10-Ct.
  • Organic Black Tea Teaser 10-Ct.
  • Organic Black Tea Teaser 10-Ct.
  • Organic Black Tea Teaser 10-Ct.
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Organic Black Tea Teaser 10-Ct.

$14.45 CAD

The Tea & Company Black Tea Teaser Pack is a collection of our three Tea & Company black teas: Emperors Breakfast, Earl Grey Crème, and Meridian Chai. Ideal for tea lovers seeking to explore unique, elevated black tea blends, this collection embodies the best of our award-winning Tea & Company line of teas.

4 pouches of each of:

Emperor’s Breakfast - A blend of whole leaf organic black teas from three of the world’s most renowned origins – Assam, Darjeeling and Yunnan. Each region adds its own layer of complexity, resulting in an English Breakfast tea that is equally interesting and familiar.

3 pouches of each of:

Meridian Chai - A celebration of the precious spices traded for centuries throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. Bold and spicy, this aromatic blend combines whole leaf organic black tea with cinnamon, licorice root, ginger, cardamom and cloves.

Earl Grey Creme - An unusual spin on the classic Earl Grey tea. This distinctive, flavored black tea rounds out its crisp bergamot notes with a gentle, creamy character.

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Organic Black Tea