Organic Darjeeling Estate Tea
Organic Darjeeling Estate Tea    

Organic Darjeeling Estate Tea

Most Caffeine

Black tea from Darjeeling, India, our Organic Darjeeling Estate first flush Darjeeling tea leaves are sourced from the venerable Mim estate. These silver tipped black tea leaves yield a fruity and floral flavour resulting in an aromatic and memorable cup. Picked in the spring from a 140-year-old garden, the farm is tucked away in the mountain folds of India's Darjeeling region.

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India, Darjeeling


A delicious and elegant tea that can be sipped and enjoyed anytime of day. A versatile tea, Organic Darjeeling Estate pairs well with spicy and nutty foods. Serve alongside creamy cheeses and fresh fruit.

Present at an afternoon tea party along and compare with a selection of the other black teas, including Yunnan and Ceylon Yalta.

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Medium mix of green and black leaves with gold and silver tips.


Ripe muscat and flowery nose.


Golden, amber liquor.


Round and crisp body with sweet, floral finish.