Sampler: Organic Master Tea Pouch
Sampler: Organic Master Tea Pouch    

Sampler: Organic Master Tea Pouch

Our Organic Master Tea Pouch Sampler is a great gift for the organic tea connoisseur, this assortment of 108 Tea Pouches includes 14 pouches each of 4 different blends: Organic Earl Grey, Organic African Nectar, Organic Spring Jasmine and Organic Mint Mélange.  13 pouches each of 4 different blends: Organic Breakfast, Organic Detox Infusion, Organic Green Dragon and Organic Hojicha Green Tea.

108 pouches foil wrap $85.65


Organic Earl Grey

A versatile tea, Organic Earl Grey, can be drunk in the afternoon, with dinner or as an iced tea. Try pairing with spicy and nutty foods. Makes an excellent accommodation with strong cheeses, fish, meat or game.

Organic African Nextar

Try drinking African Nectar as an everyday tonic to boost the immune system and increase energy. The rich and delicious, rooibos based blend makes an excellent aperitif or after-dinner drink.

As an alternative, drink in the morning for a lively non-caffeinated alternative to coffee. Pair with sweet desserts or chocolate for a sumptuous treat.

Organic Spring Jasmine

Organic Spring Jasmine makes an excellent addition when served with savoury or spicy meals. Pairs well with Chinese Dim Sum foods such as potstickers and dumplings.

A delicious self-drinking tea that will delight anytime of day. It is also a delicate tea that when drunk will promote serenity and reflection.

Organic Mint Melange

Serve Organic Mint Melange as a refreshing and stimulating morning beverage. After a large meal, try sipping to ease the effects of a full stomach. Pairs well with fruity desserts.

Organic Breakfast

A wake-up tea that is drinkable with or without milk and sugar. Grab the paper, invent a new morning ritual and escape with Organic Breakfast's rich taste and style.

Also try as a quick pick me up during the day instead of coffee. Pairs well with a continental breakfast including cereal, fruit and toast.

Organic Detox Infusion

Relax and renew yourself with an infusion of this cleansing blend, that not only tastes great but will leave you feeling great.

Organic Green Dragon

Make this delicious and refreshing green tea an everyday treat. Try pairing with milk chocolate or fruit-based desserts.


Also pairs well with mild flavoured foods like chicken, seafood, salads and creamy cheeses. Considered to promote a cooling effect, the tea is often served in the summer."

Organic Hojicha Green Tea

Serve Organic Hojicha Green Tea alongside spicy and nutty foods. Also pairs well with strong cheeses. An ideal tea to promote digestion and improve circulation.

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