• Gui Fei Oolong - 3 ounces loose
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Gui Fei Oolong - 3 ounces loose


Gui Fei oolong comes to us as a result of a natural phenomenon in a highly unusual circumstance. When an Earthquake struck the village of Fenghuang Taiwan in 1999, the government evacuated all tea growers to protect them against further seismic activity. When the growers returned, the trees were overgrown and further there were tiny bites in the leaves. The growers decided to only harvest the teas with the microscopic bites in them. The trees had a hormonal reaction that results in a intensely fruity magnolia taste when the tea is brewed. It is grown at 2500 ft in Lugo County in Fenghuang, Taiwan.

  • 3 oz. loose tea in bag
  • 1 rounded tbsp. per 12 oz. cup
  • Makes 25-30 cups
Oolong Tea