• Iced Tea Pitcher
  • Iced Tea Pitcher
  • Iced Tea Pitcher
  • Iced Tea Pitcher
Fire Belly

Iced Tea Pitcher

$49.95 CAD

The Details

We just made iced tea even cooler. This handy iced tea pitcher lets you steep, ice, pour, and store all without breaking a sweat or making a mess. This glass pitcher infuser steeps tea beautifully and filters out tiny particles, and the infuser is easily removed to add ice. The elements quickly disassemble for easy cleaning – good thing, because you'll be using this pitcher non-stop, all summer long. (36 Fluid Ounces)


✓ Steep Perfect Iced Tea In Minutes
✓ Non-Slip Silicone Sleeve
✓ Large Stainless Steel Infuser With Micro Perforations
✓ Fully Disassembles For Easy Clean Up
✓ Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Body
✓ Drip-Free Spout
✓ Fits Perfectly In Your Fridge Door
✓ BPA and Bisphenol Free
✓ Dishwasher Safe


1. Remove the lid.
2. Add 5-6 tsp. of loose leaf tea to the infuser.
3. Pour over with hot water, filling to just above the line of the silicone sleeve. Replace lid and let steep.
4. Remove lid and infuser, and add desired amount of ice. Be sure your tea line stays beneath the spout.
5. Replace lid and either store in the fridge, or pour over ice and enjoy.
6. Spout, infuser, and lid inset easily disassemble for cleaning.