Information for our Wholesale Clients

Our wholesale clients include hotels, restaurants, retail/grocery outlets, and coffee bars/cafes. Minimums apply. 

Tea Pouches

We recognize that whole leaf loose tea provides an optimal tea service in terms of taste profile, finish, and clarity. To provide a service that captures all of the benefits of whole leaf loose tea, with the convenience of a standard tea bag, we are distinguished in offering our unique tea pouch line. Our pre-portioned whole leaf pouch allows the best of both worlds. Sensual translucent fabric pouches are packed with the identical whole leaf teas that we offer in our loose-leaf tea line.

Our pouches are designed to accommodate a 12 oz. - 14 oz. brew. These pouches are packaged into foil over-wraps for guaranteed freshness and shelf-life longevity.

As one opens each sealed packet, a combination of the appealing aroma and unique pouch design creates a significant impression upon your guests..

Tea selections available are: Organic Breakfast, Organic Darjeeling Choice Estate, Vanilla Bean, Orange Jasmine, Earl Gold, Earl Gold Decaf, Green Tea Tropical, Marrakesh Mint, Organic Spring Jasmine, Hojicha, Ginger Twist, Chamomile Citrus, African Nectar and Organic Mint Melange. All pouches are available in boxes of 100 count.

Loose Leaf Tea

We have carefully selected tea leaves from the finest sources, presenting them individually, as varietals, blended, and scented. When introducing complementary elements to produce both traditional and our own unique blends, we always strive to utilize the highest quality ingredients, often organically grown

Our expansive range of teas are available in one pound bags packaged in triple-ply foil. Each bag has a re-sealable pressure-zip closure and will maintain a nine-month shelf life.

Presentation Book

Pouches can be displayed and presented tableside in our presentation tea books. Available in six-unit and nine-unit assortment boxes, each presentation book comes with a custom menu on the inside panel.

Choose from our variety of 14 blends and let us prepare a customized color menu created to your specifications and artfully laminated to feature an inviting and informative description of your offerings. This complimentary service is available as an additional feature to our clients.

Display Rack

Our Mighty Leaf point of sale display rack allows foodservice clients a mechanism for featuring up to eight different varieties of pouches. Each type of tea is stacked inside a tin, appropriately labeled with the tea name, taste profile, and brewing instructions. The tins can be arranged in this two-tier rack for the customers to help themselves, or for behind-the-counter staff to dispense. This system suggests a product of premium quality and differentiates itself from the competition.

Our sturdy display rack holds 8 tins appropriately custom labeled according to your selection. This rack is designed for countertop display and works with either full or self service.

Rack and tins sold separately.

Dimensions of rack: 18 inches long x 11 inches deep x 12 inches high.

Dimensions of tins: 4 x 7inches.

Tea Top

We have designed a superior system for foodservice operators to sell our whole leaf tea pouches in a take-away format through our specially designed and patented disposable cup and tea top lid. It is like a portable teapot with no mess.

The tea pouch string is threaded through a second hole in the lid in a raise compartment. When the customer is completed with their brew, they simply pull up on the string and enjoy their beverage. The pouch rests secure in the lofted area and the oils are then squeezed back into the beverage.

Our lid fits on 95% of the cups available in the market. Cups and lids are individually sold in cases of 1000.

Iced Teas

A popular menu item that provides a welcome revenue source to an operation, iced tea can be a hugely successful feature or an unnoticed beverage routine. By fine-tuning brewing and preparation methodology, Mighty Leaf provides a system of delivery that is consistent and delicious. Your iced tea becomes a noteworthy addition to your menu and a repeat request.

While any of our teas can be served chilled, certain blends lend themselves to particularly effective and popular applications and are featured in our Iced Tea section of our description list.