• Kyu Tokoname Red Rim Dual Line

Kyu Tokoname Red Rim Dual Line

$94.45 CAD

Kyu Tokoname Red Rim Dual Line, with a ceramic strainer integrated into the inside of the pot.

Tokoname-yaki is one of the six ancient kiln areas of Japan and is most famous for kyusu side handled tea pots which have been produced since the Muromachi period (1338-1573).

Tokoname clay is high in iron content and after firing produces a red-orange color known as shudei. It is also very fine and allows for unusual and intricate designs to be carved into each kyusu.

Hand Made In Japan.

Diameter (in.) 3.5"
Height (in.) 2.75"
Capacity (oz.) 10.750z


Kotobuki Trading's ceramics are produced in several different regions of Japan: Mino, Seto, Yokkaichi, Mashiko, Soma, Tokoname, Shigaraki, and Iga. Each area is represented by the traditions and innovations of select Japanese kilns, using raw materials, glazes, shapes and production methods which differ subtly and are often unique to these regions. Intertwined with Japan’s history and culture, these ceramics are produced by skilled craftsmen, many of whom have obtained their expertise and technique through years of training.