• Jasmine Downy Pearl Loose Leaf Tin, 4oz
  • Jasmine Downy Pearl Loose Leaf Tin, 4oz
  • Jasmine Downy Pearl Loose Leaf Tin, 4oz
Mighty Leaf

Jasmine Downy Pearl Loose Leaf Tin, 4oz

$54.95 CAD

Mighty Leaf premium loose leaf tins make the perfect gift or vessel for personal storage. Smooth green tea from China, Jasmine Downy Pearls green tea is made from the finest silver tips of tender young buds, gently steamed after plucking, and hand-rolled into elegant pearls. During jasmine season, freshly picked blossoms are blended with the downy leaf green tea buds to produce an intoxicating aroma.


moderate caffeine


oolong tea leaves


This meditative, deep rich Chinese oolong tea fills your palate with a delicate fruit flavor and a heady, floral aroma, complex, with hints of orchid, herbs, nuts, melon, and basil. Our Ti Kuan Yin is the perfect balance; not too greenish, nor too roasted. The 'cloud-shaped' leaves are expertly rolled in a perfected 18-step process in order to unfurl slowly, and Ti Kuan Yin will continue to develop over multiple infusions.


Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea from China translates as 'Iron Goddess of Mercy.' The story goes that a devout farmer refurbished a small shrine to the goddess Kuan Yin, polishing her small iron statue for years. In a dream, Kuan Yin told the farmer to look for treasure behind the temple, but instructed that he must share it with others. The farmer found only a small tea plant there, but took it and farmed it, and in turn gave cuttings to his neighbors. The treasure the village profited from was the taste of the cultivar, now called Ti Kuan Yin.


Less Caffeine
Green Tea, Jasmine