• Organic Green Tea Teaser 15 ct.
  • Organic Green Tea Teaser 15 ct.
Mighty Leaf Tea Canada

Organic Green Tea Teaser 15 ct.


The Tea & Company Organic Green Tea Teaser Pack is a collection of our three premium Organic Tea & Company green teas: Chaling Jasmine, Three Rivers Green, and Royal Passion Fruit. Ideal for tea lovers seeking to explore unique, elevated organic green tea blends, this collection embodies the best of our award-winning Tea & Company line of teas.

5 pouches of:

Chaling Jasmine - Whole leaf organic green tea grown in the town of Chaling in the Hunan Province of China scented with fresh Jasmine blossoms for a blissfully sweet and fragrant cup.

5 pouches of:

Three Rivers Green - Named for the three famous Chinese rivers – the Yangtze, the Mekong and the Salween – that nearly converge in the Yunnan Province. This whole leaf green tea grown high in the Yunnan mountains, yields a mild nutty flavor with subtle fruit undertones.

5 pouches of:

Royal Passion Fruit - A smooth, rich blend of organic whole leaf green tea from China and Japan. Infused with lightly tart tropical notes of luscious passion fruit and marigold blossoms.